OxyBreath Pro Mask {US, CA, UK & AU} Reviews, Price & Discount

OxyBreath Pro Mask

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In reality, people in many places around the world are living in areas in which air quality is declared hazardous and even poisonous. Many men and women are growing asthma and therefore are at a greater risk of lung cancer. Additionally, Coronavirus was declared a global health emergency by WHO just recently with nearly 25,000 infected individuals and 500+ fatalities across the world. So living in such circumstances, what steps can we take to safeguard ourselves from this impending threat? Well, OxyBreath Pro appears to provide an answer.

What’s OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro is an anti-pollution breathing mask that can help filter out almost all air pollutants including bacteria and viruses to make certain we breathe in cleaner healthier air. It offers complete nose and mouth coverage and comes with a double protective valve built which helps to ensure that the clean air does not escape through any leakage.

OxyBreath Pro: How Can it Work? However, what does that mean?’

PM 2.5 is essentially a size score for Particulate Matter that’s significantly less than 2.5 micrometers — about 3% the diameter of a human hair. As you can imagine, this is really small, in reality, it’s so small that it can not be viewed without the support of an electron microscope.

Now generally air pollutants are a lot bigger than PM 2.5. As such, the mask effectively filters out these particles saving you away from all their ill consequences.

On top of that, you also get an active carbon layer and a dedicated reinforcement coating to help filter out additional contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

OxyBreath Pro: Features

Activated Carbon Filtration: Can remove contaminants and impurities in the air.

Complete Mouth & Nose Coverage: it’s a facial mask after all and supplies a complete match, covering your entire nose and mouth. This guarantees that no unfiltered air gets, and none of the clean air leaks out.

Fantastic for all Face Sizes: The mask is readily stretchable and can match all face shapes and sizes. When purchasing, you do not need to worry about whether it will fit correctly or not.

Extremely Comfortable: The mask is very breathable and is made using comfy material to make sure to experience no discomfort or distress when wearing it.

Easily Washable & Reusable: OxyBreath Pro is not a disposable mask that you throw off after a specific number of uses. You can simply wash it and use it as many times you like.

OxyBreath Pro: Will it Provide Protection from Coronavirus?

OxyBreath Pro went on sale on January 29, 2020. The sales copy also hinted that it can offer protection from the”new virus.” But whether it is talking about the current Coronavirus outbreak is unclear. What we do know is that enough filter layers have been supplied for considerable protection from not just air pollutants but different viruses and bacteria as well.

However, we do encourage folks to not solely depend on the mask and practice general precautionary measures according to the physicians. This includes not only using a facemask except to practice general hygiene and visiting a clinic once you start to experience any signs.

OxyBreath Pro: Pricing

OxyBreath Pro is rather costly priced at $49 per ounce.

All of your orders come with Free shipping, so it is only the purchase price of the mask that you’ve to pay. However, there’s a choice to add an additional $9 to the buy to get a 3-year guarantee on the masks. Although it is uncertain how the guarantee will be implemented

OxyBreath Pro: If You Purchase it?

There’s not any ignoring the fact that the current condition of air pollution is becoming a growing threat, particularly for city dwellers. In reality, it is becoming compulsory in certain areas to wear a face mask while heading out, exposing your smells to all of the fumes and substances mixed with the air.

As such, OxyBreath Pro provides ample protection with its PM 2.5 integration And carbon filter coating. With protection from harmful pollutants, not to Mention allergens like pollen, and various viruses and germs, the face mask Will allow you to live a healthier lifestyle amidst all the contamination.

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